October 15-16, 2016

IarmarEco – the Fair of Ecological Opportunities and Social Entrepreneurship - is a social and cultural event that brings together main actors of environmental  and social world of Moldova. It is a unique combination of a fair, facilitated networking and interactive presentations / lectures on the topic of ecological and social activism in Moldova.

The goal of IarmarEco is to inform the public about the possibilities of changing the daily routine to a more active, healthy and conscious - all in all, sustainable - lifestyle. Moreover, the fair helps the representatives of environmental sphere (environmental NGOs, enterprises, companies, state institutions) develop a common vision and communicate it to the general public, as well as introduce the concept of green & social entrepreneurship.

The impact of IarmarEco is much larger than the impressions, skills and products acquired by its visitors: the event has a mission of building trust among NGOs, general public, entrepreneurs and state institutions, the process that leads to emergence of new ideas leading to sustainable development of our country, and their implementation.

The first IarmarEco event took place in autumn 2013; the October of 2016 will see the IV edition. In 2015, IarmarEco gathered around 80 ecological and social initiatives from all parts of Moldova, and was attended by more than 800 visitors. This experience shows that general public is becoming increasingly interested in such events and that IarmarEco is completely worth the efforts. Thus, in 2016, we decided to develop it even further in terms of scale and content.

This year, the IarmarEco will, for the first time in its history, last 2 days instead of one: October 15-16, 2016. The first day will be dedicated to seminars, presentations, discussions and networking. The second day is open for a fair of initiatives, products and services, as well as various workshops. You can visit all that in Atrium, 4th floor, №4 Albisoara str., Chisinau.  

The Regulations for participation as an exhibitor: RO, RU.

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Workshops & Presentations

IarmarEco Participants

  • Organic agricultural products:

    • ”Livada Organică” (”Organic Orchard”) – natural dried fruits and natural spices
    • ”Grădina Urbană” – creation of a permacultural urban garden in Chisinau
    • ”EcoVazon” - aromatic plants in pots; seeds, pots and accessories, including dried aromatic herbs
    • ”Grădina Moldovei” - biological gardening and diverse gardening methods (permaculture, crop rotation, allelopathy / judicious combination between plants, green fertilizers, biodynamics, etc.)
    • ”Gori’s Tomatoes” – organic vegetables
    • ”EcoRezerve Moldova” - uniting ecological producers and consumers in order to promote ecological agriculture, philosophy and consumption
    • ”12 Специй” (”12 spices”) - ecological aromatic plants in pots
    • ”Eco Consult”
    • Monastery ”Nașterea Domnului”, vil. Zabriceni - ecological farm wih closed cycle ”BioCamară”, herbal teas

    Food and Health:

    • ”Baby.com.md” – ecological washable nappies
    • ”Carolush Beauty” – natural care products
    • ”Black Duck Soapery” - production and selling of natural soaps
    • ”dōTERRA Moldova” – organic essential oils from Moldova
    • ”ART-PROECO” – 100% natural cereals from Moldova
    • Dulce Plai”– honey and other natural apicultural products
    • ”PruMiNuc” – dried plums stuffed with walnuts, made in Moldova
    • ”BioFruit Group” - producing foods for healthy and dietical nutrition on the base of natural vegetal components
    • ”Fructe uscate raw” – raw dried fruits
    • ”Detox Delivery” - detoxification with the use of 100% natural products made of fruits and vegetables
    • ”Rifero”  - dried fruits with/without chocolate
    • ”PROBIO” - ecological cereals and products made of ecological cereals
    • ”Gastronom” - healthy food
    • ”EcoDoctor”
    • ”Falafel Crew”
    • ”Cosynzeana” – handcrafted tea
    • ”Bradus Prim” – natural herbal tea
    • ”Ecoproduct” - gathering medicinal herbs; apiculture; handmade cosmetics
    • ”Звенящие Кедры” (”The Ringing Cedars”)
    • Soap Nuts
    • ”Verde Go”
    • ”Doctor Farm” - herbal teas
    • ”Сибирское здоровье” (”Syberian Health”)


    Ecological tourism


    • ”LikaARTDeco” - decorative handmade articles for home and garden
    • ”Jucăria Tutei”
    • ”Owlymowly Accessories” - handmade accessories made of old jeans
    • ”Liloo ART space”
    • ”Oolha”

    Projects & Initiatives

    • ”Atelier 99” - Shared Economy
    • ”Torbesc” - recycing old clothes by transforming them in ecobags
    • ”EcoPotyag” - promoting separate waste collection and recycling by collecting plastic and glass bottles, and aluminum cans, at festivals
    • ”Toreco” - educational program about separate waste collection for kindergartens and schools
    • ”Reciclare.md” - promoting sustainable practicies, especially waste recycling and reusing
    • ”ViveSoil” - producing organic fertilizers for ecological agriculture
    • ”Seed It Forward” – rehabilitation of deforested areas and degraded zones; agroforestry; permaculture; educating and motivating everyone to plant trees
  • NGOs, initiatives, education:

    Cosmetics, food, household goods:

    • ”Mâneca din cânepa” project (Romania) - rehabilitation of industrial hemp use
    • "Polisol" S.R.L. - ecomama.md
    • baby.com.md
    • Handmade cosmetics “ПриРОДная гармония” (”Natural Harmony”)
    • Civic association "Areopagus"
    • ”OM-CENTER”
    • ”Mara Woman”
    • ”Antos”
    • Soap nuts
    • ”Alion eco product” - herbal tea, cosmetics, honey

    Jewelry, souveniers, toys, pieces of art:

    • ”Zanoza” Workshop
    • ”Ellebelle”
    • ”Handicraft Moldova”
    • ”LilooArtSpace”
    • ”N.Shuster” - knitted Toys
    • ”EDUJOC”
    • Cernova Albina
    • ”CaroLUSH”

    Food, kitchen, degustations:

    • ”Gourmand”
    • ”GustoPlus”
    • Cafe ”Lingurița de Argint”
    • ”Ansuya Yoga”
    • ”Sănătatea are gust” (”Health does have a taste”)
    • Tamara Schiopu
    • ”Thermomix”
    • ”Gastronom”
    • ”Bradus Prim”
    • ”Pâinea lui Ștefan” (”Steven's bread”)
    • ”Dulce Plai”

    Organic agriculture:

    • ”Pronat-Agro”
    • NGO ”Altagro-micro”, enterprise ”ADONIS”, enterprise ”Astra-Forestier”
    • ”Gori's Tomatoes”
    • NGO ”ProRuralInvest”
    • Ecological bakery from Gura Bîcului
    • Ecological farm wih closed cycle ”BioCamară” of the monastery ”Nașterea Domnului”, village Zăbriceni
    • Farming household ”Ciumac Andrei”
    • Ecological farm products from ”Nicolae Cojocaru”
    • ”Eco-Vazon”
    • ”SOFAMA”

    Energy, waste:

    • MoREEFF - implementation of energy efficient technologies
    • ASKET - biomass technologies from Poland
    • ABS - waste collection


    • Painting on the ecobags (activEco 2014 project by Gabriela Nichifor) 
    • Oberliht - public spaces
  • header-white

    IARMAReco vă invită să faceți cunoștință cu ONG-uri, instituții, inițiative și companii diverse, să gustați și să procurați din produse ecologice, și să vă implicați în ateliere de lucru și prezentări:

    ONG-uri, instituții, inițiative:

    Programul “activEco” – cu inițiativele participanților:

    • ”Bike Point”
    • ”Să învățăm de la albinuțe” (”Dulce Plai”)
    • ”ECOTURISM pentru tineri”
    • ”Local Food Resilience Network”
    • ”EcoJunior” – seminare pentru copii
    • ”Come with me to plant a tree!!!”
    • ”Gardening for Healthy Life”

    Companii și produse diverse:

    • Gastronom.md cu produse organice
    • Dulce Plai cu miere organică
    • Bradus Prim cu ceaiuri organice
    • EVOLET Bio
    • Inițiativa “Sănătatea are gust” - dulciuri fără zahăr și ceaiuri din ierburi autohtone
    • Yoga Center cu bucătărie ayurveda
    • Cafeneaua “Lingurița de Argint” cu ceaiuri și bucate vegetariene
    • GustoPlus cu fructe uscate, semințe, uleiuri, condimente, etc.
    • Tamara Schiopu cu publicații de recete vegetariene și sănătoase
    • ARBUSTUM cu panele solare
    • ecovazon.md cu mirodenii la ghiveci
    • EDUJOC cu jocuri educaționale și jucării din lemn
    • Carolush cu bijuterii hand-made din materiale naturale (lemn, cocos, hîrtie)
    • Zanoza Workshop cu bijuterii din lemn
    • Baby.com.md cu scutece de multiplă folosință
    • ecomama.md (SRL Polisol) cu cosmetica, detergenți ecologici, produse pentru copii ș.a.
    • “ПриРОДная гармония” cu cosmetica ecologică hand-made
    • Om Center cu cosmetice, bijuterii, haine, obiecte de interier ș.a.
    • Handicraft Moldova: Ellebelle cu sling-uri și cutii făcute de mînă, LiloArtSpace cu păpușe hand-made
    • Nata Shuster cu păpușe și jucării hand-made din bumbac

    Produse agriculturii ecologice:

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