Program in 2013

Program IarmarEco 2013 RO

Workshops & interactive presentations:

  • Healthy food, vegan and vegetarian, with Daniela Luca and Radu Tofan
  • Face painting and body art with Olga as fundraising for the “City Cats” initiative - protection of Chisinau street cats
  • Modelling from bioceramics with Albina Cernova
  • Designing ecobags with Gabriela Nichifor
  • Recycling workshop “New life for old things“ with Association ”Gutta Club”
  • Handmade recycled jewelry with Association ”Gutta Club”
  • Purses made of used Tetra-Pak with Association ”Center for the development of education in Moldova”
  • Planting flowers and bushes with FLEX volunteers
  • Ecofurniture and origami storks made of recycled materials with ”Handicraft Moldova”
  • A soap-making workshop with Association ”Areopagus”
  • A crocheting workshop by the Association ”Ecological Movement of Moldova”
  • A cooking workshop “Spaghetti RAW” with Gourmand{eye}


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