Rules of participation for exhibitors (Ru)

  1. ABS Recycling Moldova (Ltd.) - recycling of plastic packaging and sorting of municipal waste - https://www.facebook.com/pg/ABS-Recycling-Moldova-374248932717667/ & http://www.abs.md/ 
  2. Ambera - cold-pressed oils (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, milk thistle, etc.). - 079436012 & https://www.facebook.com/ambera.moldova/
  3. Annymehendi
  4. "Antonina Tocarenco" (peasant farm from commune Sinesti, Ungheni district) - Antonina Tocarenco, small ecological farmer, biologist and biochemist. Products of garden and forest, fresh and processed: aromatic herbs (cumin, sage, basil, oregano, mint, melissa) & oleaginous plants (roses and lavender), herbal teas, berries (forest strawberries, barberry, dogwood, hawthorn, red and black raspberries), vegetables (asparagus, rhubarb, tomatoes) - https://www.facebook.com/antonina.tocarenco
  5. Artisan Bakery - tarts, quiche, cheesecakes, cakes and freshly roasted coffee (by order)https://www.facebook.com/artisanbakeryandcoffee/ 
  6. Artisan Soap from Zina - handmade soap, sea salt body scrub, bath bombs and lip balm, all made with vegetal & essential oils and other natural ingredients - https://www.facebook.com/Sapun-artizanal-de-la-Zina-304590326608760/
  7. Association for Waste Recovery / "Waste Management in the Republic of Moldova" magazine - a quarterly publication addressed to the Central and Local Public Authorities, sanitation services, specialized waste collection, recycling, recovery and disposal services, educational institutions, edited by the Association for Waste Recovery, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment. - https://managementuldeseurilormd.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/revistamanagementuldeseurilor/ 
  8. Atelier 99 - the space where entusiasts in technology can implement their projects and ideas of physical products in a working atmostphere of local Makers Community. Areas of activity: product development, prototyping, 3D printing, trainings about digital manufacturing. - http://atelier99.org/https://www.facebook.com/atelier99.org/
  9. Baby.com.md - reusable fabric diapers, panties for potty training, diapers for swimming, waterproof diapers, napkins for feeding, finger toys, soap nuts - https://www.facebook.com/pg/baby.com.md/ & Baby.com.md
  10. Bacifera / Moldovan Berry Producers Association - various types of berries: fresh, in their own juice, grated with sugar, jams, etc.promoting interests of its members - berry producers; organization and participation in trainings, exhibitions, fairs, etc. - http://bacifera.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/Bacifera-1870956086480126/
  11. "Baran Ion" peasant farm - honey, pollen, honeycombs and other apiculture products from Soroca. - Natalia, +373 68422540
  12. BeautIT Designer Jewelry and Accessories
  13. Beresta - articles from natural wood for home and garden - https://www.facebook.com/BERESTA.md/
  14. Biantti ("Ygrick-Group", certified ecological farm in Carahasani, Stefan-Voda district) - nuts and almonds (in shell, shelled, caramelized), cold-pressed nut & almond oils, almond flour and flakes, natural soaps. - https://www.facebook.com/biantti/ 
  15. Bio-Cămara (farm of the Nativity Monastery”, Village Zabriceni, Edinet district) - an ecological closed-cycle farming system, one of the few ecologically certified producers in Moldova. Products: ecological herbal teas, honey - https://www.facebook.com/BioCamara/ & www.biocamara.md 
  16. BioEcOil Ltd. - collection, storage and elimination of hazardous and non-hazardous waste - in particular, the collection of used vegetable oil in restaurants, companies from the food industry, as well as from individual kitchens throughout Moldova. - 022 909 159 & https://www.facebook.com/bioecoil.md/
  17. Buca Baca
  18. CaroLUSH Beauty
  19. Cosynzeana
  20. Dancing Leaves
  21. DENS - a social entrepreneurship project by the Center ”Speranta”, with mission to create working places for people with disabilities. DENS produces dried fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy snacks (biscuits, granola, crackers, raw vegan chocolate, nuts and seeds). - http://speranta.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/densatelier/ 
  22. "Diaconia" Social Mission - association & structure of Bessarabian Metropolis working on the whole territory of Republic of Moldova, with a mission to develop models of social intervention based on human approach, a sharing and trustworthy relationship with social partners. One of the activities - "The Clothing Bank". - http://www.diaconia.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/diaconia.md/
  23. Doctor FARM - awide spectre of natural teas, made of ingredients grown mostly on Doctor FARM's farmland, without the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides. - https://doctor-farm.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/doctorfarms/
  24. Dor De Verde ("Eco Doctor" Ltd.) - a company from growing micro-seedlings - sprouts and sprouts of wheat, buckwheat, rye, sunflower, peas, lentils, beets, radishes, alfalfa and red onions. - https://www.facebook.com/DordeVerde/
  25. doTerra
  26. Dulce Plai (Ltd. from village Todiresti, Ungheni district) - social enterprise, 
  27. Eat Me Bouquet
  28. ebio.md / Micu&Co Ltd.
  29. EcoContact - public association from Chisinau, promoting processes of Sustainable Development, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources at regional level through providing local public authorities and representatives of civil society with information, trainings and consultations, engaging citizens in decision-making process and mobilization of internal and external resources - for a transition society - https://www.facebook.com/EcoContact/ 
  30. EcoConsult
  31. EcoVer Moldova / MAPT Ltd. 
  32. EduJoc (Ltd.) - social enterprise providing educational games and toys for children from 1 to 99 years old (wooden toys made in Moldova, etc.) - https://www.facebook.com/edujoc.eu/ & http://www.edujoc.md/
  33. EcoVazon
  34. EcoVillage Moldova
  35. EcoVisio -
  36. Eifo Biohumus / "Astra-Forestier" Ltd. - ecological fertilizer made of excrements of red Californian worm Eifo (Eisenia foetida), made in Moldova. - Marcel Ursu, +373 69276616 sau http://www.ecovazon.md/produse/populare/biohumus-eifo-2l/
  37. Energy Efficiency Agency (AEE)
  38. Enter
  39. Eolian Energy Association & Piron Car Electro
  40. Face painting by Rodica Lozovanu
  41. Facing the Climate exhibition
  42. Gastronom.md -  
  43. Gingerbreads by Irina Orlenco
  44. Gori's Tomatoes / "Gori Nadejda Pavel" peasant farm from village Gura Bicului, Anenii Noi district -  
  45. Govinda
  46. Gradina Moldovei - pubic association from Cigirleni, Ialoveni district, which is promoting Agroecology starting from Live and Reproductible Seeds, adapted to the environment and the climate. Products: seeds, dried fruits and vegetables, herbal seeds, various jams and juices, cold-pressed oils, seasonal vegetables, flyers and infosheets about agroecology and seeds. - https://www.facebook.com/Gradina-Moldovei-1500639070234484/ & https://gradinamd.wordpress.com/
  47. Green Up Mom - individual initiative promoting the concept of Zero Waste in Moldova, ecological education for kids + handmade products for those who choose to use less plastic - textile & jute bags, pouches, etc. - https://www.facebook.com/greenUpMom/
  48. Gustul Visinei (Ltd.) - sour cherry, apricots, peaches and plums, fresh and in their own juice, grown in village Flutura, Telenesti district, by farmer & entrepreneur Nina Dobrovolskaia. - https://www.facebook.com/nina.dobrovolskaia.9 & 069520861
  49. Handmade with LOVEnder - uniquely designed ecobags. - https://www.facebook.com/handmadewithlovender/
  50. Iana Canonic
  51. Iubesc Natural - a variety of sweet potatoes (for food and as planting material - potatoes and shoots), aromatic herbs and salads from Nadia Stirbu - https://www.facebook.com/cartof.dulce.batata/
  52. Ivan Chiriac - beekeeper, forestry engineer, member of the community of family homesteads Sciastlivoie. Products - various types of honey, other bee products and natural soap - + 373 67699395 & https://www.facebook.com/ivan.chiriac.12 
  53. Jute Tote - jute ecobags - https://www.facebook.com/totejute/ 
  54. Kazeleka Crochet Toys - handmade cotton rattles and toys. - https://www.facebook.com/kazelekatoys/
  55. Kedr.md
  56. Kwathula
  57. LaroMigdale / peasant farm "Laro Lebedev"from village Stefanesti, Stefan-Voda district - almonds, blond almonds, almond oil, almond flakes and almond flour. - http://laromigdale.eu/ & https://www.facebook.com/laromigdale/
  58. Lavanda din Moldova - lavender bouquets and sachets, lavender oil and lavender water. - http://lavandademoldova.com/https://www.facebook.com/lavandademoldova/
  59. Livada
  60. LiveFruit / "Pronat-Agro" Ltd. 
  61. Lola's Craft - ecological toys by Irina Samoila: owls, rabbits, elephants, toys for developing baby's motor skills, and many other amazing things and creatures - https://www.facebook.com/madebylolascraft/
  62. "Lozovanu Gheorghe" farm - 
  63. Margareta Cheptanari
  64. Mariana Cazacu
  65. Olga Ciornii  - 1) aromatic herbs in pots: thyme, oregano, rosemary, cayenne pepper, marjoram, green and violet basil, stevia and bay leaf; 2) Grissini with rosemary, Genovese Panettone, hazelnut-chocolate biscuits, almonds in black and white chocolate, orange peel in chocolate, truffles with hazelnuts, placintas with seasonal fruits, crostata with jam, panna cotta with almond milk. - https://www.facebook.com/olga.ciornii.3
  66. OlyNaturel - natural handmade cosmetics from Olya Zamorina (Bender, Transnistria). Products: cremes, scrubs and oils for face care and body care; soap for face and body care; bath bombs; hydrophilic oil for washing and make-up removal; hydrophilic oil for intimate hygiene; hand cremes. - https://www.facebook.com/olynaturel/ 
  67. Painea Soarelui - homemade wholegrain bread by Anastasia from Straseni. - https://www.facebook.com/paineasoarelui/ 
  68. Pangea Art & Ecobags
  69. "Pantea Gheorghe" peasant farm from Peticeni, Floresti district - hazelnuts in shell grown by 
  70. ProBio Organic - a daughter company of Pro-Bio, one of the largest processors of ecological products from Cehia. Pro-Bio Organic comes to support Moldovan farmers by offering: - consultance in ecological agriculture; - qualitative ecological seeds (dinkel wheat, buckwheat, chickpeas, lentils, flax, facelia, crimson clover, peas, mustard, vetch, facelia, sorgum, nude oats, alfalfa, rye, triticale); - export of ecological agricultural products; - agricultural services. - https://www.facebook.com/probio.organic/ & http://probio.md/
  71. Raw Kitchen
  72. Rifero (Ltd. from village Vasieni, Ialoveni district) - high-quality confectionery products: dried plums with walnuts in chocolate, dried plums in chocolate, apricots in chocolate, sunflower / pumpkin seeds in chocolate, other chocolate sweets, dried plums - https://www.facebook.com/Rifero.md/ & http://www.rifero.md/
  73. Rita Cerneavschi
  74. Ronti Cereals / ArtProEco Ltd. - breakfast cereals without gluten and preservatives made in Moldova, in village Varvareuca, Florești district. -  https://www.facebook.com/Fulgi-de-Cereale-RONȚI-1560631827518062/
  75. Rose Line Ltd. - dried rose hip berries that are especially high in vitamin C (7,2 gr per 100 gr of product), grown with care by village Taul in Donduseni district. - http://roseline.org/ & https://www.facebook.com/RoseLineSRL/
  76. Sabina Birsan
  77. Salasul Baciului
  78. "Sapojnic Anatol" individual enterprise from village Peticeni, Calarasi district
  79. Schastlivoe Family Homestead Settlement
  80. Seed It Forward - agroforestry initiative, ”growing trees and people for a greener Moldova”. Topics: tree-growing, organic agriculture and permaculture, urban composting, solar food dehydration; products - natural soap, honey, buckets and bokashi bran, postcards - https://www.facebook.com/seeditforward & www.seeditforward.org 
  81. Sergiu Leahu - beekeeper, promoter of ecological beekeeping. Products: antivarroa beehives, acacia and poliflora honey, honeycombs. - 078656646 & https://www.facebook.com/sleahu
  82. Shop.md soap
  83. Sincer Brutar / "Carabica" Ltd. - products from a family bakery of Dorin Mereuta (town Causeni): unique wholegrain bread and other healthy delicacies: rye bread, wheat bread, bread with fruits, mini bagels, biscuits, muffins, tarts - https://www.facebook.com/sincerbrutar/
  84. Slingobeads and ecotoys for babies - teethers, educational toys, rattles, beads for nursing and carrying babies in slings, made of wood and cotton by Svetlana Armasheva. - 060448310 & https://www.facebook.com/Слингобусы-и-эко-игрушки-для-малышей-1460203654263834/
  85. Soap.md -soap base and wide variety of natural soaps - with sage, calendula, honey, olive oil, silk, saffron, tea rose, propolis, coffee, cocoa, goat milk, chamomile, caraway, scarlet, parsley, oats, mint, eucalyptus, etc. - https://www.facebook.com/soapmd/
  86. Tara Verde - initiative for theoretical and practicalecological education from Balti, with special focus on waste collection & recycling. - https://www.facebook.com/taraverdemoldova/
  87. TIA BioNatur / BioFruit Group Ltd. - creamed honey with various berries, fruits, nuts. - https://www.facebook.com/tiabionatura/
  88. Torbesc - initiative that seeks to reduce plastic waste by offering ecobags made of old clothes and new materials, standard and unique, personalization of ecobags, ecological education - https://www.facebook.com/torbesc/
  89. Velopoint Chisinau - bicycle and sport equipment rental in Chisinau, bike tours all around the country, corporate and private events on bikes, bike repair service - https://www.facebook.com/VelopointChisinau/ & http://velopoint.md/
  90. VerdeGo - Kitchen of Live Food, delivered to your home or office. Personalized menus composed of: - salads made of fresh & dehydrated vegetables and leafy vegetables, locally grown; germinated seeds and shoots; aromatic herbs and sauces; - dehydrated crackers made of germinated cereals, herbs, almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds, with the addition of vegetables or fruits; green smoothies made of fruits, vegetables and vegetables, rich in vitamins, fibers and chlorophyll. - https://www.facebook.com/Verdego.md/
  91. YG Moldova (Your Guide in Moldova) - a company established by three anthropologists - Maria Axenti, Dmitri Elnic and Tanya Obuh, who are passionate about authentic rural tourism. They offer such services as tours in Chisinau and Moldova, presentations, assistance, consultation and research - https://www.facebook.com/YGMoldova/ & https://ygmoldova.com/ 
  92. Yoga Studio "Surya"



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