• Exhibitors in 2013

    1.  activEco program and activEco Projects - activEco-2013 participants
    2. "ADONIS" - Vasilii Constantionvici
    3. "Altagro-micro" NGO - Antonina Tocarenco
    4. ARBUSTUM Ltd. - solar panels
    5. "Areopagus" NGO - natural soaps - Eduard, Alla 
    6. Artisan Bread from Gura Bicului
    7. "Astra-Forestier" - Marcel Ursu
    8. baby.com.md - multiple-use diapers - Tanea Bodaneu
    9. "BioCamară" - ecological herbal teas from the monastery “Nașterea Domnului”, village Zăbriceni
    10. "Bradus-Prim" Ltd. - ecological teas - Tatiana
    11. caroLUSH - natural cosmetics, wooden, recycled and hand-made jewelry - Carolina Portarescu
    12. "Centrul National de Mediu" (National Environmental Center) NGO - Alla Vacarciuc
    13. “Ciumac Andrei” peasant farm - organic vegetables - Nicolae Cojocaru
    14. "ДЖиП" NGO - environmental education for kids - Olga Krivoruchko 
    15. "Dragostea Învinge" ("Love Wins") NGO
    16. "Dulce Plai" Ltd. - bee honey and beeswax, educational performance "Learning from the bees" - Elizaveta Mamaliga 
    17. "Dumflor Grup” Ltd. - dried plums
    18. EcoVazon - potted aromatic herbs - Sergiu Turcanu
    19. "EcoVisio" NGO
    20. Eco-Village Moldova project - Liliana Botnaru
    21. "EduJoc" Ltd. - educational toys - Victoria Novac
    22. EtnoGastronomica - vegetarian recipies - Tamara Schiopu
    23. Faculty of Ecology of the University "Constantin Stere" (USPEE) - Ion Ungureanu , Valentin Așevschi
    24. Gastronom - online shop of diverse ecological & nutritious products - Liudmila Zagorodniuc
    25. Global Entrepreneurship Week Initiative - Olesea Fortuna 
    26. Gori's Tomatoes - peasant farm, ecological vegetables & Community Supported Agriculture - Nadejda Gori
    27. "Gutta-Club” Republican Center for Children and Youth - Natalia Kravciuc
    28. Miscarea Ecologista din Moldova (Ecological Movement of Moldova) - Anatolie Prohnitchi, Ioana Bobina 
    29. "Lingurița de Argint" cafe - vegetarian food - Anna
    30. "NATURA" magazine - environmental publication - Lilia Curchi
    31. "OM-CENTER" - sustainable home decoration articles, clothes
    32. "Orindaș Lilia" peasant farm - quail eggs - Lilia Orindas
    33. "Polisol" Ltd. - ecomama.md - cosemetics and vitamins - Irina
    34. "Pronat-Agro" Ltd. - aronia - Vitalie Pintilei
    35. "ProRuralInvest" NGO - Arcadie Murahovschi
    36. ”Relefcom” Ltfd. - apples
    37. "Sanatatea are gust" - vegetarian food - Irina Zuza
    38. "SOFAMA" NGO - promotion of leguminous plants - Valentin Crismaru
    39. Thermomix - equipment for natural juice and smoothies - Ghenadie Perjun
    40. "Victor Boisteanu" peasant farm - tomatos - Victor Boisteanu
    41. Yoga Centre - ayurvedic food - Eugenia Ionel
    42. Zanoza Workshop - wooden jewelry - Oleg Sergheev


    1. 4 CDEM "Asociatia Obsteasca Centrul de Dezvoltare a Educatiei in Moldova" Vera Ardjomandi Workshop on wallets from used Tetra-Pak packaging

      10 Движение помощи уличным кошкам Кишинева "City Cats" Бабивская Людмила Ник.
      31 GustoPlus - healthy sweets and tea Наталья
    2. 32 Vegan food Daniela Luca, Radu Tofan Presentation about the vegan approach
      33 Gourmand{eye} Rodica Workshop "Spaghetti crudivore"

      45 Косметика ручной работы “ПриРОДная гармония” Аля Маркова
      46 Экологическая косметика из эко-поселения "Счастливое" Ala Stircu
      51 Ellebelle - hand-made articles Elena Elle
      52 Handicraft Moldova Elena Elle, Алла Евдокимова Eco-mobil and bird-origami from recycled materials
      53 LilooArtSpace - hand-made articles Алла
      54 N.Shuster - knitted Toys Nata Shuster
      56 Cernova Albina - bioceramics Чернова Альбина


  • Exhibitors in 2014

    NGOs, initiatives, education:

    Cosmetics, food, household goods:

    • ”Mâneca din cânepa” project (Romania) - rehabilitation of industrial hemp use
    • "Polisol" S.R.L. - ecomama.md
    • baby.com.md
    • Handmade cosmetics “ПриРОДная гармония” (”Natural Harmony”)
    • Civic association "Areopagus"
    • ”OM-CENTER”
    • ”Mara Woman”
    • ”Antos”
    • Soap nuts
    • ”Alion eco product” - herbal tea, cosmetics, honey

    Jewelry, souveniers, toys, pieces of art:

    • ”Zanoza” Workshop
    • ”Ellebelle”
    • ”Handicraft Moldova”
    • ”LilooArtSpace”
    • ”N.Shuster” - knitted Toys
    • ”EDUJOC”
    • Cernova Albina
    • ”CaroLUSH”

    Food, kitchen, degustations:

    • ”Gourmand”
    • ”GustoPlus”
    • Cafe ”Lingurița de Argint”
    • ”Ansuya Yoga”
    • ”Sănătatea are gust” (”Health does have a taste”)
    • Tamara Schiopu
    • ”Thermomix”
    • ”Gastronom”
    • ”Bradus Prim”
    • ”Pâinea lui Ștefan” (”Steven's bread”)
    • ”Dulce Plai”

    Organic agriculture:

    • ”Pronat-Agro”
    • NGO ”Altagro-micro”, enterprise ”ADONIS”, enterprise ”Astra-Forestier”
    • ”Gori's Tomatoes”
    • NGO ”ProRuralInvest”
    • Ecological bakery from Gura Bîcului
    • Ecological farm wih closed cycle ”BioCamară” of the monastery ”Nașterea Domnului”, village Zăbriceni
    • Farming household ”Ciumac Andrei”
    • Ecological farm products from ”Nicolae Cojocaru”
    • ”Eco-Vazon”
    • ”SOFAMA”

    Energy, waste:

    • MoREEFF - implementation of energy efficient technologies
    • ASKET - biomass technologies from Poland
    • ABS - waste collection

  • Exhibitors in 2017

    ABS Recycling Moldova (Ltd.) - recycling of plastic packaging and sorting of municipal waste - https://www.facebook.com/pg/ABS-Recycling-Moldova-374248932717667/ & http://www.abs.md/

    Ambera - cold-pressed oils (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, milk thistle, etc.). - 079436012 & https://www.facebook.com/ambera.moldova/

    Annymehendi - henna body painting, workshops on creating personal patterns - https://www.facebook.com/annymehendi

    "Antonina Tocarenco" (peasant farm from commune Sinesti, Ungheni district) - Antonina Tocarenco, small ecological farmer, biologist and biochemist. Products of garden and forest, fresh and processed: aromatic herbs & oleaginous plants, herbal teas, berries, vegetables - https://www.facebook.com/antonina.tocarenco

    Artisan Bakery - tarts, quiche, cheesecakes, cakes and freshly roasted coffee (at events and by order)https://www.facebook.com/artisanbakerymd/

    Artisan Soap from Zina - handmade soap, sea salt body scrub, bath bombs and lip balm, all made with vegetal & essential oils and other natural ingredients - https://www.facebook.com/Sapun-artizanal-de-la-Zina-304590326608760/

    Association for Waste Recovery / "Waste Management in the Republic of Moldova" magazine - a quarterly publication addressed to the Central and Local Public Authorities, sanitation services, specialized waste collection, recycling, recovery and disposal services, educational institutions, edited by the Association for Waste Recovery, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment. - https://managementuldeseurilormd.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/revistamanagementuldeseurilor/

    Atelier 99/ FabLab Moldova - the space where entusiasts in technology can implement their projects and ideas of physical products in a working atmostphere of local Makers Community. Areas of activity: product development, prototyping, 3D printing, trainings about digital manufacturing. - http://atelier99.org/https://www.facebook.com/atelier99.org/

    Baby.com.md - reusable fabric diapers, panties for potty training, diapers for swimming, waterproof diapers, napkins for feeding, finger toys, soap nuts - https://www.facebook.com/pg/baby.com.md/ & Baby.com.md

    Bacifera / Moldovan Berry Producers Association - various types of berries: fresh, in their own juice, grated with sugar, jams, etc.promoting interests of its members - berry producers; organization and participation in trainings, exhibitions, fairs, etc. - http://bacifera.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/Bacifera-1870956086480126/

    "Baran Ion" peasant farm - honey, pollen, honeycombs and other apiculture products from Soroca. - Natalia, +373 68422540

    BeautIT Designer Jewelry and Accessories - jewelry and accessories from recycled computer parts. - https://www.facebook.com/computer.parts.jewelry/

    Beresta - articles from natural wood for home and garden - https://www.facebook.com/BERESTA.md/

    Biantti ("Ygrick-Group", certified ecological farm in Carahasani, Stefan-Voda district) - nuts and almonds (in shell, shelled, caramelized), cold-pressed nut & almond oils, almond flour and flakes, natural soaps. - https://www.facebook.com/biantti/

    Bio-Cămara (farm of the Nativity Monastery”, Village Zabriceni, Edinet district) - ecologically-certified closed-cycle farming system. Products: ecological herbal teas, honey - https://www.facebook.com/BioCamara/ & www.biocamara.md

    BioEcOil Ltd. - collection, storage and elimination of hazardous and non-hazardous waste - in particular, the collection of used vegetable oil in restaurants, companies from the food industry, as well as from individual kitchens throughout Moldova. - 022 909 159 & https://www.facebook.com/bioecoil.md/

    Buca Baca - handmade wigwams, wooden toys, furniture and other accessories for kids. - https://www.facebook.com/bucabaca/ & http://www.bucabaca.com/ 

    CaroLUSH Beauty - natural handmade cosmetics. - http://capsunica.com/cosmetice-naturale & https://www.facebook.com/carolushbeauty/

    Cosynzeana - not active anymore - artisan teas. - https://www.facebook.com/Cosynzeana/

    Dancing Leaves - a project dedicated to growing culture of good, qualitative tea. - https://www.facebook.com/groups/dancingleafs/

    DENS - a social entrepreneurship project by the Center ”Speranta”, with mission to create working places for people with disabilities. DENS produces dried fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy snacks (biscuits, granola, crackers, raw vegan chocolate, nuts and seeds). - http://speranta.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/densatelier/

    "Diaconia" Social Mission - association & structure of Bessarabian Metropolis working on the whole territory of Republic of Moldova, with a mission to develop models of social intervention based on human approach, a sharing and trustworthy relationship with social partners. One of the activities - "The Clothing Bank". - http://www.diaconia.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/diaconia.md/

    Doctor FARM - a wide spectre of natural teas, made of ingredients grown mostly on Doctor FARM's farmland, without the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides. - https://doctor-farm.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/doctorfarms/

    Dor De Verde ("Eco Doctor" Ltd.) - a company growing micro-seedlings - sprouts and sprouts of wheat, buckwheat, rye, sunflower, peas, lentils, beets, radishes, alfalfa and red onions. - https://www.facebook.com/DordeVerde/

    doTerra - pure essential oils. - https://www.facebook.com/uleiuriesentialemoldova/

    Dulce Plai (Ltd. from village Todiresti, Ungheni district) - social enterprise & apiary in Todiresti, Ungheni district, offering honey, beewax, pollen, propolis, candles, natural soaps. - http://dulceplai.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/dulceplai/

    Eat Me Bouquet - edible bouquets made of fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. - https://www.facebook.com/eatmebouquetmd/

    ebio.md / Micu&Co Ltd. - enterprise & ecological farm in Oliscani, Soldanesti district, promoting organic agriculture and producing ecological mustard, nuts, plums, spelt, sunflower, oats, buckwheat, as well as Nordman fir trees. - http://ebio.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/ebio.md/

    EcoContact - public association from Chisinau, promoting processes of Sustainable Development, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources at regional level through providing local public authorities and representatives of civil society with information, trainings and consultations, engaging citizens in decision-making process and mobilization of internal and external resources - for a transition society - https://www.facebook.com/EcoContact/

    EcoConsult Ltd. - consultancy, solutions for integrated plant protection, ecological fungicides, ecological insecticides, natural fertilizers, insect traps based on color or various attractants. - Vladimir Todiras, (+373)69321199 & http://eco-con.net/

    EcoVer Moldova / MAPT Ltd. - eco-friendly cleaning products from Belgium. - https://www.facebook.com/EcoverMD/

    EduJoc (Ltd.) - social enterprise providing educational games and toys for children from 1 to 99 years old (wooden toys made in Moldova, etc.) - https://www.facebook.com/edujoc.eu/ & http://www.edujoc.md/

    EcoVazon - aromatic plants and many-many types of hot peppers in pots. - http://www.ecovazon.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/ecovazon/

    EcoVillage Moldova - conference space and hub for practical education in natural construction, energy efficiency, organic gardening & community building. - https://www.facebook.com/EcoVillageMoldova/

    EcoVisio - a youth led grassroots NGO from Moldova, main organizer of IarmarEco, working in the areas of Education for Sustainable Development, Peace and Transformative Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Green Economy, Rural Development and Tourism, Trees and Organic Agriculture, Waste Management, Eco-Construction and Energy. - http://ecovisio.org/ & https://www.facebook.com/ecovisio.moldova/

    Eifo Biohumus / "Astra-Forestier" Ltd. - ecological fertilizer made of excrements of red Californian worm Eifo (Eisenia foetida), made in Moldova. - Marcel Ursu, +373 69276616 sau http://www.ecovazon.md/produse/populare/biohumus-eifo-2l/

    Energy Efficiency Agency (AEE) - the administrative body in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Moldova. - http://www.aee.md/https://www.facebook.com/AgentiapentruEficientaEnergetica/

    Enter - digital shop, selling, among other electronics, water testing devices. - https://enter.online/

    Eolian Energy Association & Piron Car Electro - alternative energy consultations & devices in Comrat (e.g. solar-powered tricycle, solar-powered wheelchair, etc.) - http://www.alternativenergy.md/ & (+373)69970706

    Face painting by Rodica Lozovanu - (+373) 69603270 & https://www.facebook.com/rodicam2

    Facing the Climate exhibition - a collection of pictures produced by the Swedish Institute together with five Swedish cartoonists and 15 Moldovan students of the Academy of Arts, Music and Theatre. The pictures are offering an alarming and disarming view of the serious matter that is Climate change. - https://www.facebook.com/events/246606022377240/

    Gastronom.md - online shop of healthy products (essential oils, carob, cocoa butter, etc.). - https://www.facebook.com/Gastronommd/ & http://gastronom.md/

    Gingerbreads by Irina Orlenco - homemade honey gingerbreads (including gingerbread houses!) and other sweets. - https://www.facebook.com/Gingerbreads-%D0%9F%D1%80%D1%8F%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%B8-in-Chisinau-964909856861593/

    Gori's Tomatoes - "Gori Nadejda Pavel" peasant farm from village Gura Bicului, Anenii Noi district -  ecologically grown vegetables, home preserves and a functioning example of Community Supported Agriculture. - https://www.facebook.com/GorisTomatoes/

    Govinda - vegetarian vedic food (at events and possibly by order) from Antonina Podolskaia. - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003307514713

    Gradina Moldovei - pubic association from Cigirleni, Ialoveni district, which is promoting Agroecology starting from Live and Reproductible Seeds, adapted to the environment and the climate. Products: seeds, dried fruits and vegetables, herbal seeds, various jams and juices, cold-pressed oils, seasonal vegetables, flyers and infosheets about agroecology and seeds. - https://www.facebook.com/Gradina-Moldovei-1500639070234484/ & https://gradinamd.wordpress.com/

    Green Up Mom - individual initiative promoting the concept of Zero Waste in Moldova, ecological education for kids + handmade products for those who choose to use less plastic - textile & jute bags, pouches, etc. - https://www.facebook.com/greenUpMom/

    Gustul Visinei (Ltd.) - sour cherry, apricots, peaches and plums, fresh and in their own juice, grown in village Flutura, Telenesti district, by farmer & entrepreneur Nina Dobrovolskaia. - https://www.facebook.com/nina.dobrovolskaia.9 & (+373)69520861

    Handmade with LOVEnder - uniquely designed ecobags. - https://www.facebook.com/handmadewithlovender/

    Iana Canonic - food blogger. - https://www.facebook.com/iana.canonic

    Iubesc Natural - a variety of sweet potatoes (for food and as planting material - potatoes and shoots), aromatic herbs and salads from Nadia Stirbu - https://www.facebook.com/cartof.dulce.batata/

    Ivan Chiriac - beekeeper, forestry engineer, member of the community of family homesteads Sciastlivoie. Products - various types of honey, other bee products and natural soap - + 373 67699395 & https://www.facebook.com/ivan.chiriac.12

    Jute Tote - jute ecobags - https://www.facebook.com/pungitextilemd/

    Kazeleka Crochet Toys - handmade cotton rattles and toys. - https://www.facebook.com/kazelekatoys/

    Kedr.md - products of family homesteads and other natural & artisan products: Siberian cedar oil, essential oils with cedar gum, soap, toothpaste, syrups, creams, spoons, plates, herbal mixes. - https://www.facebook.com/KEDR.md/

    Kwathula - a group of traveling musicians come from Moldova who play very unusual instruments for our country - hang and calebash. - https://www.facebook.com/kwathula/

    LaroMigdale - peasant farm "Laro Lebedev"from village Stefanesti, Stefan-Voda district - almonds, blond almonds, almond oil, almond flakes and almond flour. - http://laromigdale.eu/ & https://www.facebook.com/laromigdale/

    Lavanda din Moldova - lavender bouquets and sachets, lavender oil and lavender water. - http://lavandademoldova.com/https://www.facebook.com/lavandademoldova/

    Livada - dried plums. peaches, melon and tomatoes by Anatol and Elena Cretu. - (+373)67651412 & https://www.facebook.com/livadaorganica/

    LiveFruit / "Pronat-Agro" Ltd. - aronia berries grown organically in village Sofia, Drochia; cold-pressed aronia juice, dried berries, and aronia planting material. - https://www.facebook.com/LiveFruitMoldova/

    Lola's Craft - ecological toys by Irina Samoila: owls, rabbits, elephants, toys for developing baby's motor skills, and many other amazing things and creatures - https://www.facebook.com/madebylolascraft/

    "Lozovanu Gheorghe" farm - edible and decorative varieties of pumpkin, potatoes, strawberry planting material, grapes, grape juice, tomato juice from village. Lozova, Straseni district. - https://www.facebook.com/gheorghe.lozovanu.7

    Margareta Cheptanari - homemade placintas, both traditional and original (e.g. with eggplant filling), walnut-chocolate-honey cake, dolmas, etc. - (+373) 69894141 & https://www.facebook.com/margareta.cheptanari

    Mariana Cazacu - nutritionist. - https://www.facebook.com/mariana.cazacu30

    Olga Ciornii  - 1) aromatic herbs in pots: thyme, oregano, rosemary, cayenne pepper, marjoram, green and violet basil, stevia and bay leaf; 2) Grissini with rosemary, Genovese Panettone, hazelnut-chocolate biscuits, almonds in black and white chocolate, orange peel in chocolate, truffles with hazelnuts, placintas with seasonal fruits, crostata with jam, panna cotta with almond milk. - https://www.facebook.com/olga.ciornii.3

    OlyNaturel - natural handmade cosmetics from Olya Zamorina (Bender, Transnistria). Products: cremes, scrubs and oils for face care and body care; soap for face and body care; bath bombs; hydrophilic oil for washing and make-up removal; hydrophilic oil for intimate hygiene; hand cremes. - https://www.facebook.com/olynaturel/

    Painea Soarelui - homemade wholegrain bread by Anastasia from Straseni. - https://www.facebook.com/paineasoarelui/

    Pangea Art & Ecobags - handmade ecobags, personalized ecobags, workshops on personalizing ecobags, design and creation of ecobags at your wish. - https://www.facebook.com/pangea.art.eco.love/

    "Pantea Gheorghe" peasant farm from Peticeni, Floresti district - hazelnuts in shell grown by Pantea Gheorghe and Ludmila Butnaru. - (+373)61107830 & https://www.facebook.com/ludmila.butnaru.7

    ProBio Organic - a daughter company of Pro-Bio, one of the largest processors of ecological products from Cehia. Pro-Bio Organic comes to support Moldovan farmers by offering: - consultance in ecological agriculture; - qualitative ecological seeds (dinkel wheat, buckwheat, chickpeas, lentils, flax, facelia, crimson clover, peas, mustard, vetch, facelia, sorgum, nude oats, alfalfa, rye, triticale); - export of ecological agricultural products; - agricultural services. - https://www.facebook.com/probio.organic/ & http://probio.md/

    Raw Kitchen - raw-vegan drinks and dishes at different events. - https://www.facebook.com/AndreyTverdohleb10

    Rifero (Ltd. from village Vasieni, Ialoveni district) - high-quality confectionery products: dried plums with walnuts in chocolate, dried plums in chocolate, apricots in chocolate, sunflower / pumpkin seeds in chocolate, other chocolate sweets, dried plums - https://www.facebook.com/Rifero.md/ & http://www.rifero.md/

    Rita Cerneavschi - technician nutritionist, adept of vegan and raw cooking.

    Ronti Cereals / ArtProEco Ltd. - breakfast cereals without gluten and preservatives made in Moldova, in village Varvareuca, Florești district. -  https://www.facebook.com/Fulgi-de-Cereale-RONȚI-1560631827518062/

    Rose Line Ltd. - dried rose hip berries that are especially high in vitamin C (7,2 gr per 100 gr of product), grown with care by village Taul in Donduseni district. - http://roseline.org/ & https://www.facebook.com/RoseLineSRL/

    Sabina Birsan - homemade jams. - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013177355098

    Salasul Baciului - natural artisan cheeses made by classic Italian recipes by Motroi and Baciu family from village Sadaclia, Basarabeasca district. Types: Caciotta cheese (made of cow milk produced by local monastery Chistoleni) and Pecorino cheese (made of milk that comes from Baciu's own flock of sheep). - https://www.facebook.com/salasulbaciului/

    "Sapojnic Anatol" - individual enterprise from village Peticeni, Calarasi district. Ecologically dried fruits: plums, sour cherry, sweet cherry, apricots, peaches, apples, pears and melon, as well as sour & sweet cherry and apricots canned in their own juice. - Mariana, (+373)60514514

    Schastlivoe Family Homestead Settlement - natural cosmetics based on propolis, textile bags, herbal teas, lavender sachets, honey. - https://www.facebook.com/aliona.polonskaia

    Seed It Forward - agroforestry initiative, ”growing trees and people for a greener Moldova”. Topics: tree-growing, organic agriculture and permaculture, urban composting, solar food dehydration; products - natural soap, honey, buckets and bokashi bran, postcards - https://www.facebook.com/seeditforward & www.seeditforward.org

    Sergiu Leahu - beekeeper, promoter of ecological beekeeping. Products: antivarroa beehives, acacia and poliflora honey, honeycombs. - +373 78656646 & https://www.facebook.com/sleahu

    Shop.md soap - Handmade natural soap and detergents. - http://shop.handmademaster.md/ & https://www.facebook.com/AngelaLadydriver.md/

    Sincer Brutar / "Carabica" Ltd. - products from a family bakery of Dorin Mereuta (town Causeni): unique wholegrain bread and other healthy delicacies: rye bread, wheat bread, bread with fruits, mini bagels, biscuits, muffins, tarts - https://www.facebook.com/sincerbrutar/

    Slingobeads and ecotoys for babies - teethers, educational toys, rattles, beads for nursing and carrying babies in slings, made of wood and cotton by Svetlana Armasheva. - +373 60448310 & https://www.facebook.com/Слингобусы-и-эко-игрушки-для-малышей-1460203654263834/

    Soap.md - soap base and wide variety of natural soaps - with sage, calendula, honey, olive oil, silk, saffron, tea rose, propolis, coffee, cocoa, goat milk, chamomile, caraway, scarlet, parsley, oats, mint, eucalyptus, etc. - https://www.facebook.com/soapmd/

    Tara Verde - initiative for theoretical and practical ecological education from Balti, with special focus on waste collection & recycling. - https://www.facebook.com/taraverdemoldova/

    TIA BioNatur / BioFruit Group Ltd. - creamed honey with various berries, fruits, nuts. - https://www.facebook.com/tiabionatura/

    Torbesc - initiative that seeks to reduce plastic waste by offering ecobags made of old clothes and new materials, standard and unique, personalization of ecobags, ecological education - https://www.facebook.com/torbesc/

    Velopoint Chisinau - bicycle and sport equipment rental in Chisinau, bike tours all around the country, corporate and private events on bikes, bike repair service - https://www.facebook.com/VelopointChisinau/ & http://velopoint.md/

    VerdeGo - Kitchen of Live Food, delivered to your home or office. Personalized menus composed of: - salads made of fresh & dehydrated vegetables and leafy vegetables, locally grown; germinated seeds and shoots; aromatic herbs and sauces; - dehydrated crackers made of germinated cereals, herbs, almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds, with the addition of vegetables or fruits; green smoothies made of fruits, vegetables and vegetables, rich in vitamins, fibers and chlorophyll. - https://www.facebook.com/Verdego.md/

    YG Moldova (Your Guide in Moldova) - a company established by three anthropologists - Maria Axenti, Dmitri Elnic and Tanya Obuh, who are passionate about authentic rural tourism. They offer such services as tours in Chisinau and Moldova, presentations, assistance, consultation and research - https://www.facebook.com/YGMoldova/ & https://ygmoldova.com/

    Yoga Studio "Surya" - yoga from elementary to intermediate level, group classes and individual lessons; therapy, massage; library, tea and communication. - https://www.facebook.com/YogaStudioSurya/

  • Exhibitors in 2016

    Educație, Inițiative de Voluntari

    • P. P. Mediul Ambiant Editarea revistei Mediul Ambiant și altor ediții cu tematică ecologică
    • Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) MEGA oferă servicii de dezvoltarea jocurilor sociale și ecologice, precum și educația practică de a crea impact social / ecologic prin platforma unică de joc MEGA Game: The Game with Impact.
    • NGO Center of Public Activity "Result" Dezvoltarea inițiativelor cu direcție democratică în Ucraina prin implimentarea programelor și proiectelor
    • Asociația Mai Bine Misiunea membrilor Mai Bine este de a contribui la dezvoltarea durabilă a comunităţii locale prin implementarea de proiecte sub o abordare holistică, pe toate cele trei dimensiuni ale dezvoltării durabile: mediul natural, mediul social şi mediul economic.
    • Revista Natura
    • AO"Caroma Nord" Promovarea şi facilitarea participării cetăţenilor la nivel local pentru a contribui la dezvoltarea unei societăţi civile bazate pe cetăţenie activă. Asociația Obștească "Caroma Nord" inițiază și dezvoltă diverse programe în domeniile informațional, educațional, social și protecției mediului; astfel contribuind la implicarea societății civile în soluționarea problemelor locale.
    • Velo Point SRL Inchirierea bicicletelor si a echipamentului sportiv, organizarea de tururi eco
    • Căruța (YG Moldova) YG Moldova ofera servicii de turism, consultanta, asistenta pentru strainii care vin/stau in Moldova.
    • Guvern24 Crowdfunding platform
    • Республиканский Волонтерский Центр (РВЦ) Organizație de voluntari ce are drept scop modernizarea și curățirea parcurilor din capitală
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    14501987 1398064123541365 2132532807 n
    14502016 1398064110208033 1685983748 n (1)
    Caruta Logo
    Logo G24
    MEGA - Logo
    apa fara plastic
    mai bine

    Produse și Inițiative Alimentare și Agricole

    • Eco-Doctor SRL Cresterea si comercializarea semințelor incolțite și a vlăstarilor
    • Gastronom.md Uleiuri comestibile și cosmetic
    • Pronat-Agro SRL - Aronia Cresterea aroniei și producerea sucului de aronie
    • ART-PROECO SRL Producerea cerealelor ecologice pentru dejun
    • SRL " Livada Organica" Producerea, ambalarea și comercializarea fructelor și legumelor uscate.
    • Doctor-farm Producerea ceaiurilor naturale
    • AO Gradina Moldovei Promovarea agro-ecologiei (permacultura, biodinamia, rotatia culturilor, alelopatia, etc) publicului larg pentru un mediu respectat si un consum sanatos si legume vii si nutritive.
    • Fructe deshidratate Raw Fructe deshidratate conform cerintelor alimentatiei raw food -iste
    • Поселение "Счастливое" Producerea produselor ecologice
    • Rifero Producerea fructelor uscate in ciocolata
    • Звенящие Кедры Produse, consultație în ceea ce privește hrana și curățirea organismului
    • Yara Pâine Artizanală Producem piine cu maia natura, fara drojdii, zahar, ulei, amelioratori, agenti de crestere si afinare in conditii casnice.
    • Dulce Plai Apicultura si promovarea apiculturii, produse ecologice(sapun, torbe, lumanari)
    • AgroProm Promovăm dezvoltarea agriculturii ecologice pe teritoriul Moldovei
    • Eat Me Bouquet Buchete din fructe și legume
    • GȚ ''Antonina Tocarenco'' - eco Cultivarea prin metode ecologice, colectarea, prelucrarea și uscarea și condimentelor, a fructelor și a legumelor
    • EcoVazon Cultivarea și comercializarea plantelor aromatice, plantelor legumicole/fructifere la ghiveci crescute organic
    • "Seed It Forward" Seed It Forward este o inițiativă de împădurire pe bază de voluntariat, ce prin acțiuni directe și exemple inspiratoare transmite cunoștințe practice și mesajul că fiecare poate crește un arbore sănătos, fiecare poate planta o livadă roditoare sau o întreagă pădure.
    • ecoland.md Сбор и распространение информации об эко-жизни в привязке к Молдове Colectarea și diseminarea informațiilor despre viața în Republica Moldova
    • EcoConsult Consultanta in protectiea integrata a plantelor, Comercializarea preparatelor pentru protectia integrata a plantelor,Promovarea preparatelor fungicide,insecticide, si a fertilizantilor ecologici ; Comercializarea capcanilor colorate si cu atractanti.
    • Прянички Pregătirea turtelor dulci desenate
    • Fam LOAZOVANU Producerea soiurilor de bostănoase; .Producerea materialului săditor pentru căpșuni;
    • Mănăstirea Zăbriceni Promovarea agriculturii ecologice. Cultivarea si colectarea plantelor pentru producerea amestecurilor (ceaiurilor) din plante, certificate ecologic. Cultivarea legumelor si fructelor ecologice.
    • Gospodăria Țărănească " Vacari Serghei" Fructe și egume ecologice
    DoctorFarm LOGO
    LOGO biocamara
    Logo Bunasol
    dulce plai
    logo gastronom
    ronti artproeco
    seed it forward
    zvenyashie kedri

    Food Court - Cafeneaua IarmarEco

    • Tartery Tartery este un atelier homemade de tarte, quiche-uri, brioşe, limonade şi alte bunătăţi proaspete şi gustoase.
    • Ciornii Olga Cultivarea plantelor aromatice la vazon ca: rozmarin, oregano, maghiran, cimbrisor, salvie, melisa, minta frunza de dafin, tarhun, bazilic genovez. Producerea pastelor cu rosii, morcov si bazilic.
    • Falafel crew Mâncare vegetariană
    • Cosynzeana Comercializarea ceaiului artisanal din plante autohtone
    • Etno-Gastronomica Promovarea alimentaţiei sănătoase, susţinerea producătorilor autohtoni, conservarea patrimoniului etno-gastronomic național.
    • Verdego Producerea, promovarea și comercializarea produselor alimentare vegetariene și vegane 
    • Fruit to Go Mixuri apetisante din fructe proaspete gata pentru consum
    • Donut Gogonat Gogoși preparate din ingrediente naturale, urmând rețeta traditională prin coacere.
    • RAW VEGAN sweets (cakes and pies) Candy RAW - Deserturi RAW, gătite fără folosirea făinii, zahărului, grăsimilor animaliere și neprelucrate termic
    • Ведическая кулинария лавка "Говинда" Bucătărie vegetariană ce include condimente, ayurveda și uleiuri ghee
    • Wheatgrass Bar Producerea sucului din germeni de grâu
    • Bella Via Cafe Sucuri Fresh
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    Ciornii Olga
    Fruit to Go
    Logo Tartery
    Wheatgrass Logo
    logo 2

    Cosmetica și produse de uz casnic

    • Carolush Beauty, BeautIT Produse de ingrijire naturista. Bijuterii din materiale reciclabile
    • Handmade Master мылоshop Producerea săpunului handmade ”de la zero” și a produselor de uz casnic ecologice
    • "Doterra" uleiuri esentiale 100% pure Vânzarea uleiurilor esentiale pure 100% DoTerra
    • Productie ecologica din Asezarea ecologica Sciastlivoe Producem sapun natural,miere de albini si articole de artizanat
    • GREENTECHNOLOGY Producerea săpunului ecologic hand-made
    • Lavanda De Moldova Levănțică în toate formele - buchete, pungi mirositoare, ulei esențial.
    • baby.com.md Promovarea scutecelor refolosibile, scutecutului sanatos

    Gestionarea Deșeurilor

    • Garda de Reciclare / Moldrec Colectarea și reciclarea deșeurilor
    • Toreco Promovarea urnelor și a colectării selectatate a deșeurilor4
    • Atelier 99 Maker Space. Social Enterprise
    • Reciclare.md Web site informational
    garda de reciclare


    • Ассоциация энергии ветра Молдовы Folosirea energiei solare în sfera businessului mic, spațiilor private și construirea mijloacelor de transport bazate pe energie solar
    • Agenția de eficiență energetică Agenţia are misiunea de a supraveghea evoluţia situaţiei în domeniul eficienţei energetice şi surselor de energie regenerabilă, de a asigura pregătirea şi prezentarea sintezelor programelor, evaluarea proiectelor investiţionale în domeniu, elaborarea proiectelor de acte normative, precum şi crearea unei baze informaţionale în domeniile sale de activitate.

    Zona pentru copii

    • BucaBaca Fabricarea decorului și jucăriilor din lemn și materiale textile pentru copii
    • Mariana Pogorevici Producerea suvenirelor si a figurinelor din ghips, colorarea lor împreună cu copii
    • torbesc - eco bags Torbesc este un proiect care susține, promovează un mediu mai sănătos și mai curat, contribuind la reciclarea materialelor/hainelor vechi prin transformarea lor în torbe și genți.
    • EduJoc Promovarea jucăriilor ecologice educative și a jocurilor care ajută la dezvoltarea copiilor de toate vârstele
    • Lola's Craft Confectionarea jucariilor handmade de dezvoltare pentru copii
    • TuTa toys Jucarii textile, pentru copii de toate varstele
    14203695 129541000830594 1874436684 o
    Lola's Craft Logo Black-01
    tuta toys


    • owlymowly accessories Produse din materiale ecologice precum lemnul și materiale textile
    • AE woods Comercializarea produselor handmade din lemn
    • ArtDecoMoldova Elemente de decor ecologice
      Kazeleka crochet toys Jucării împletite pentru dezvoltarea copiilor
    • Guguță Crearea de accesorii reflectorizante
    • Ellebelle Creații din lemn și placaj
    • Irina Bagdasarova Producerea și comercializarea lumânărilor din ceară naturală
    • Плетение из бумажной лозы Țesături din hărtie și viță de vie 
    • Brandul Fabris al Asociației de Sprijin a Copiilor cu Handicap Fizic din Peresecina Fabris este un brand al produselor realizate de tineri cu dizabilităţi în cadrul atelierelor de producție a Asociație de Sprijin a Copiilor cu Handicap Fizic din Peresecina. ONG-ul are ca scop incluziunea copiilor și tinerilor cu dizabilităţi și abilitarea economica a acestora și familiilor lor.
    • Roata Tatuată Desene cu henna naturală
    • Run Pink Moldova Grup de initiativa ce sustine femeile bolnave de cancer mamar
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    IMG 9738
  • Exhibitors in 2015

    Organic agricultural products:

    • ”Livada Organică” (”Organic Orchard”) – natural dried fruits and natural spices
    • ”Grădina Urbană” – creation of a permacultural urban garden in Chisinau
    • ”EcoVazon” - aromatic plants in pots; seeds, pots and accessories, including dried aromatic herbs
    • ”Grădina Moldovei” - biological gardening and diverse gardening methods (permaculture, crop rotation, allelopathy / judicious combination between plants, green fertilizers, biodynamics, etc.)
    • ”Gori’s Tomatoes” – organic vegetables
    • ”EcoRezerve Moldova” - uniting ecological producers and consumers in order to promote ecological agriculture, philosophy and consumption
    • ”12 Специй” (”12 spices”) - ecological aromatic plants in pots
    • ”Eco Consult”
    • Monastery ”Nașterea Domnului”, vil. Zabriceni - ecological farm wih closed cycle ”BioCamară”, herbal teas
    404138 412602552136016 856583460 n
    goris tomatoes
    logo livada
    produse agricole zabriceni

    Food and Health:

    • ”Baby.com.md” – ecological washable nappies
    • ”Carolush Beauty” – natural care products
    • ”Black Duck Soapery” - production and selling of natural soaps
    • ”dōTERRA Moldova” – organic essential oils from Moldova
    • ”ART-PROECO” – 100% natural cereals from Moldova
    • Dulce Plai”– honey and other natural apicultural products
    • ”PruMiNuc” – dried plums stuffed with walnuts, made in Moldova
    • ”BioFruit Group” - producing foods for healthy and dietical nutrition on the base of natural vegetal components
    • ”Fructe uscate raw” – raw dried fruits
    • ”Detox Delivery” - detoxification with the use of 100% natural products made of fruits and vegetables
    • ”Rifero”  - dried fruits with/without chocolate
    • ”PROBIO” - ecological cereals and products made of ecological cereals
    • ”Gastronom” - healthy food
    • ”EcoDoctor”
    • ”Falafel Crew”
    • ”Cosynzeana” – handcrafted tea
    • ”Bradus Prim” – natural herbal tea
    • ”Ecoproduct” - gathering medicinal herbs; apiculture; handmade cosmetics
    • ”Звенящие Кедры” (”The Ringing Cedars”)
    • Soap Nuts
    • ”Verde Go”
    • ”Doctor Farm” - herbal teas
    • ”Сибирское здоровье” (”Syberian Health”)
    11541680 10205600191618429 1336587886 o
    Logo rifero r s
    fod and health cosynzeana
    food and health bio fruit
    food and health dorctor farm
    food and health sibirskoe zdarovie
    food and health verde go


    3D Magic Makers
    Apa-fara-plastic logo-01
    Logo (1)
    Logo Mai Bine
    educatie guta
    educatie platforma nationala de mediu si sanatate
    educatie renasterea rurala
    logo redu web main
    logo-bananas EN yellow cmyk
    logo afpmdd

    Ecological tourism

    2parcurile vitorului
    Sigla Ecopresa -
    logo hailatara new small


    • ”LikaARTDeco” - decorative handmade articles for home and garden
    • ”Jucăria Tutei”
    • ”Owlymowly Accessories” - handmade accessories made of old jeans
    • ”Liloo ART space”
    • ”Oolha”
    liloo art space
    logo TuTa

    Projects & Initiatives

    • ”Atelier 99” - Shared Economy
    • ”Torbesc” - recycing old clothes by transforming them in ecobags
    • ”EcoPotyag” - promoting separate waste collection and recycling by collecting plastic and glass bottles, and aluminum cans, at festivals
    • ”Toreco” - educational program about separate waste collection for kindergartens and schools
    • ”Reciclare.md” - promoting sustainable practicies, especially waste recycling and reusing
    • ”ViveSoil” - producing organic fertilizers for ecological agriculture
    • ”Seed It Forward” – rehabilitation of deforested areas and degraded zones; agroforestry; permaculture; educating and motivating everyone to plant trees
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    TOR-ECO-Logo OF-325px[2]
    bike guide
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