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IarmarEco - the Fair of Ecological Opportunities and Social Entrepreneurship - is a social and cultural event that brings together main actors of environmental  and social world of Moldova. It is a unique combination of a fair, facilitated networking and interactive presentations / lectures on the topic of ecological and social activism in Moldova.

The goal of IarmarEco is to inform the public about the possibilities of changing the daily routine to a more active, healthy and conscious - all in all, sustainable - lifestyle. Moreover, the fair helps the representatives of environmental sphere (environmental NGOs, enterprises, companies, state institutions) develop a common vision and communicate it to the general public, as well as introduce the concept of green & social entrepreneurship.

The impact of IarmarEco is much larger than the impressions, skills and products acquired by its visitors: the event has a mission of building trust among NGOs, general public, entrepreneurs and state institutions, the process that leads to emergence of new ideas leading to sustainable development of our country, and their implementation.

The first IarmarEco event took place in autumn 2013, and continued growing quantitatively and qualitatively ever since.

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